Vision 2015

To increase shareholder value by becoming a leading Pan India Entertainment & Media company

JMD Mission

  • Our mission at JMD is to increase shareholder value by diversifying in new & profitable businesses/industries and to be an employer of repute in the industry by providing a good working atmosphere.
  • We want to make musical instruments, accessories, sound and audio equipments available across India at best prices and to promote music and new talent. We continuously strive at producing content across different genres & distribute it on various platforms.

Our Values: Our 5 I’s

We at JMD believe in these values and they form an integral part of working for ALL at JMD Telefilms Industries Ltd.
Integrity: Do work with utmost emphasis on ethics and moral values
1.Innovation:Be it using new ideas, tools, technologies, thoughts, we innovate & encourage ALL to innovate.
2.Information: Make informed decisions and share information with all stakeholders.
3.Internationalisation: Think GLOBAL, Act LOCAL. Use best practices from the world and apply to the Indian market
4.India & Indian: India is changing & growing and on part of being a superpower in many regards. We take cognizance of this in our strategy, business decisions & day to day workings. Plus also the core Indian Values of KARMA.