JMD with its huge bank of over 40,000 songs in audio and video format attracted a lot of small mobile companies for content to prefit in their devices. JMD realized the potential of the mobile industry to take business to the next level with mobile applications designed to address unique industry challenges and opportunities. Hence to better connect and collaborate with our customers and partners, JMD ventured into the mobile industry.

Mobile Devices, Handsets & Accessories
JMD imported mobile handsets and accessories around 2010-2011 and started selling them through our network of dealers and music shops with the growing demand of mobiles phones in India.

Own Brand
After providing content to regional music companies, our next step was getting our own brand out, so JMD started importing phones with our own brand- JMD with our own content pre fit in our phones.

Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS)
JMD started with audio/video file conversions for smaller regional companies and now we have 50,000hrs of content ready for the mobile platform. We are offering MVAS for rural consumers, learning solutions & E-commerce MVAS across all mobile operators in India.