• Video content production for leading channels
  • Video & DVD production for Audio Albums
  • Customized Video & DVD production for companies & organizations
  • Creating/Producing Audio Albums
  • Creating Private Albums and sound tracks for individuals, companies, films
  • Providing Our OWN TRACKS on license
  • Giving our AUDIO STUDIO set up on Hire
  • Promoting and Launching new talent
  • Online Talent Hunt
  • Import & Distribution in India of musical instruments, accessories & sound equipments AND even Export of Indian musical instruments worldwide.
  • Smart Internet Solutions & Digital Services
    • Website development, Portal and ecommerce website development. Social Media marketing and running digital marketing campaign & Maintaining and support of digital footprints.
  • Producing Digital Content for different genres & distribute this content. across different platforms
  • Mobile Value Added Services across ALL MOBILE OPERATORS.
  • Launching our own internet platforms for different industry