At the core of our design services is Auditorium Design. In the design and planning of auditoria we strive to achieve the most appropriate solutions for the needs and ambitions of the Client.

We at JMD help designing auditoriums with first class acoustics. We take great care in designing spaces that provide the appropriate level of acoustics quality.
Proper acoustical design of any space needs:

  • A detailed assessment of reverberation time over a wide spectrum of audio frequencies.
  • Apt positioning and installing methodology to achieve the desired results.
  • Choosing acoustical diffusers to scatter the sound to achieve diffused sound field.
  • A detailed analysis of modal and resonance frequencies.
  • Choosing acoustical reflectors to achieve the desired acoustical performance.
  • Choosing acoustical material based on their performance across the whole spectrum.
  • Internal acoustics, control of sound transmission, from outside to inside & vice-versa to achieve required noise levels & acoustical comfort.
  • A properly designed audio system, which involves selection of equipments, design, location & direction of speaker-boxes for overall effect.
To summarize an acoustical plan of any place is a carefully designed combination of Absorption, Reflection & Diffusion merged with interior aesthetics in a noise controlled environment.
  • Computerized Acoustic Testing and Measurements
  • Acoustical Design
  • Acoustical treatment
  • Sound System Design
  • Architectural and Auditorium Stage Lighting Design
  • Seating Design
  • Musical instruments and stage equipment
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design
If you want to construct an auditorium, or wish to acoustically treat or equip your existing auditorium, please email us on:info(at)jmdlimited(dot)com